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AWIBA Network is a premier consultancy, whose mission is Inspiring & empowering Women and Youth entrepreneurs to build business capabilities that unlock growth potential.

Training, Mentoring & Coaching

We all as entrepreneurs’ have a thing to learn from one another! Whatever the level of your business or dream, age, industry, geographical location, or / and your socioeconomic background! there is power of minds and network!

Our Network cut across boundaries and professional spheres. Our Africa continental approach ensures diversity and wider Women entrepreneurs’ inclusion while the youth approach ensures we build future generations for prosperity!

Business Management Consulting

“ Breaking the One Billion Ceiling programme “ Are you Micro or SME? Have you wondered why 70% of SME die without breaking the one Billion revenue Mark?

Does this give you phobia for your business? Whatever your level of business, Environment change, brands evolve, companies die.

AWIBA Network Consulting gives you a seal from this fate, a fresh perspective in your vision, injects new ideas and operational solutions that transform your business breaking the 1 Billion ceiling mark with delight and professionalism.

Linkage to Easy & Cheaper Finance

We hold your hand for ease access to Finance, Capital funding partners or Connecting you with investors as our seal of support to our clients/mentees/trainees

AWIBA Network partners with private, local and International financial partners to give our client wide choice, ease and cheaper source of venture funding.

Business Network Opportunities

  • Through our forums and webinars, our members get to network, share ideas and learn from one another.
  • learning from the best is our mark of engagement

Business Incubation

Transforming business through - Fresh! Simple! Creative ideas
  • “Home of business remodelling & new business incubation”
  • Are you a “Corporate executive leader” or “Employee” with a business idea and limited time, human capital, and financial resources? We accommodate you too! For you are the future entrepreneurs.
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We bring together and represent the interests of organizations supporting the development and growth of startups and SMEs for the maximum impact of their innovations.